Splendid night out

I had a splendid night out in the west end yesterday. We went to Prix Fixe for some supper, where I had a most excellent steak, a selection of yummy cheeses (although, let’s face it: it’s pretty unusual for cheese not to be yummy) and half a bottle of the house red. They haven’t been open long, and they’re worth a visit. Good all round.

After that, we went to the Comedy Store. I think the act of the evening for me was one Earl Okin — sex symbol, musical genius and general man’s-man — who delighted and amazed. I had never before suspected that Wheatus’s Teenage Dirtbag was actually a cover of an old bossa nova classic… now I know.

YouTube instrument mashup songs

This is awesome:

I think this is fantastic. Brilliant. Love it. Welcome to the future. As for the copyright questions… well. This analysis is spot-on. For the millionth time, the music industry just got served.

The International

Just got home from seeing The International at the Odeon in Holloway, London.

I was impressed — solid story, nice ending and a completely spectacular gunfight set across several levels of the Guggenheim in New York. Despite the seedy halls, sticky floor, patronising copyright messages and grotesque expense of — well, everything — I had a good time.

I haven’t seen a decent thriller in ages, and it delievered.