Religious ideas, a tabula rasa and an atheist parent

I've been wondering a lot recently about what one should tell children about the world.

Religion and public policymaking

I believe that governments should try to enact policies which will produce the greatest good for the greatest number.

Banning photography in traf sq?

Photography, film and protest in Trafalgar Square and Parliament Square Gardens

Is the Public Data Corporation gone for good?

Ding, dong, the witch is dead?

Dear police officer…

It's true. Ok? I did it.

Quick thoughts on the Xoom

Mmmmm, shiny...

On direct lighting

Just can't get the shot I want...

My letter to Jeremy Corbyn MP

Write to your MP, and ring them up. Now. Like, before lunch.

Support the Open Knowledge Foundation

You should give them your monies.

Letter to Harriet Harman

The Digital Economy Bill must be fully debated!

British culture and entrepreneurs

We should support entrepreneurship, and celebrate success

Letter to Jeremy Corbyn MP

I can haz fair legislation? Keep your hands of our bills, Mr BPI man.

I think HAML is great

Really, really great. Plus: Twitter is a crap medium for markup debates.