Making a Hoffman Voltameter

I’ve been dabbling with odds & ends of chemistry in my spare time recently (mostly trying in vain to remember the stuff I learnt at school). I’ve been partly inspired by this excellent book, and partly by a young cousin who’s recently become fascinated by all things chemical. Hmm. Is that a redundancy? Anyway. For a fun project, and to start understanding electrochemistry better (which, as soon as you scratch the surface, becomes rather complicated), I’ve been building a Hofmann Voltameter. They’re made for electrolysing things, typically water, in such a way that one can easily collect the gases. The proper ones look like this: And are rather expensive. I figured I could make one. So, I set about it last weekend, and this was the result (forgive the clutter!): The two bottles at either side are 500ml diet coke bottles. They’re joined by a push-fit T-junction and some PEX ...(Read More)