The Hoffman Voltameter: Mark II

Following on from my first attempt, I’ve built a new version: This version has smaller bottles, reducing the amount of electrolyte needed, and goes back to using silicone sealant to attach the PEX piping to the bottles. The glue gun was just too leak prone. Although it was much quicker to work with, the glue is very rigid when dry, so handling the apparatus (eg when filling or emptying) tended to create leaks. So I decided to be patient, and use sealant, which is much more flexible when dry. IĀ also sanded the area around the holes in the bottles, and the ends of the PEX pipes, so that the sealant would adhere more effectively. This version works much better! It’s leak-free, and I succeeded in generating about 100ml of hydrogen and collecting it by releasing the clamp and using a makeshift gas bubbler. I passed it over a flame, and ...(Read More)