Letter to Jeremy Corbyn MP

I can haz fair legislation? Keep your hands of our bills, Mr BPI man.

I think HAML is great

Really, really great. Plus: Twitter is a crap medium for markup debates.

Homeopath fail

Shame on you, auntie.

Does Directgov Deliver?

In short: not really, no. But it's fixable.

Terror alert raised to severe

I'm still waiting for the sky to fall down

Forensic Science Procurement

How many people have been imprisoned as a result of barmy procurement rules?

I met Bruce Schneier (way cool)

He did a fantastic talk, organised by the Open Rights Group, on the future of privacy

Reboot Britain: We need open government interfaces

Very excitingly, Wired UK got in touch a few weeks ago to ask if I’d write a piece for this month’s feature, Reboot Britain. I wrote about open interfaces to government services: essentially, APIs for the government systems that underlie public services. Unfortunately, the article didn’t make it into the magazine because there wasn’t enough space. Disappointing, but it was still great to be asked, and they’ve published it online. From the article: Many of ...(Read More)

Amusing graph fail from the Government’s draft IT Strategy

What on earth does it mean?

Cripplingly, apallingly stupid

We're banning parents from playground now?

Don’t let the Government zap your internet connection

The government have just announced that they do intend to introduce technical measures to reduce illicit file-sharing after all, and have tacked some extra questions onto an existing consultation file-sharing consultation. You need to write to your MP. Yes! You! Among the points you could make: This regulation is unnecessary File-sharing is on the wane. Legal services like Spotify and last.fm are extremely popular, and heavily used. Spotify have been gaining 40,000 new users per ...(Read More)

Ernest Marples: the first month

Well, it’s nearly been a month since Richard Pope and I launched ErnestMarples.com at OpenTech 2009. The site offers a free API to convert postcodes into latitude and longitude coordinates. This is an important thing to be able to do: the postcode is a de facto standard for specifying locations on the web. Any site that needs to know your location will ask for your postcode — from mapping, to political engagement, to useful local ...(Read More)