“If it’s not save to breathe…”: let us count the ways

Inspired by a post on facebook, I thought I’d respond to this image, which is doing the rounds: There are lots of reasons why it might be safe to eat something, but not to breathe it. These are all conjecture, but not fanciful: Some things are safe to ingest, but not safe to inhale. Airborne mould spores might be a good example. (Edit: A better example, suggested by David Edwards, is flour, eg, Bakers’ Asthma) Someone breathing a spray will absorb whatever is being sprayed in much greater concentration than someone who eats some of the liquid after it’s landed on a surface. You would not inhale the spray from an air freshener, but you probably wouldn’t throw away the apples just because a little of it landed on them. Inhalation is a much more direct route to the bloodstream than ingestion. Ingested substances are acted on by numerous things ...(Read More)